Hell on TV: The Sailor Moon story

"It's like getting hit by a convoy of semi trucks"


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IM GOING TO TAKE SAILOR MOON OFF THE FUCKING AIR, AND THATS A PROMISE. I have contacts with the people at the Cartoon Network, and as soon as the program director gets back, Sailor Moon is getting replaced with episodes of Captain Planet.

Sailor Moon is too full of "girl power". Little girls should be taught the ways of the kitchen, and not be led into a misleading life of saving the world and free expression, things that should only be available to men. I encourage people to give Barbies to girls instead of letting them watch Sailor Moon.

I think that people that like sailor moon are ALL fucking retarded. If you've watched it more than once, you're pathetic. I mean, get a fucking life you stupid reject. Why don't you go watch power rangers or oprah instead, they're way fucking better than Sailor Moon.

There was this one episode where Sailor Moon tried using cocaine, but the creators of the show didn't say that drugs were bad, and made it look cool to use drugs. Also, Sailor Moon smokes cigarettes, and I think it's a bad influence on children. They used to sell "Sailor Moon cigarettes" in Japan, before underage smoking was banned there in 1998.

I saw the girl that runs the SOS at a Sailor Moon convention once. I punched her in the face. She had a bloody nose and I started laughing at her while she was crying. 

Pol Pot was COOL. I'd hang with that RAD DUDE any time.

With all that said, send all your praise and compliments to vmalloc@usinternet.com!