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This is probably a stupid idea..

(Update August 18th, 2002)


This upcoming weekend, I will be attending the AnimeIowa convention. Here’s your chance to meet me in person, and punch me in the face instead of just writing hate mail saying you will! That’s right, I’m being a complete idiot, and ruining my anonymity by showing people how to find me at large anime convention! This is a really stupid idea!


On the second day of the convention, I will be wearing this picture on my shirt. You’re more than welcome to find me, and ask me boring, rhetorical questions about the site, to which I will give bland and unconvincing answers. Or you can punch me in the face. See you there!


Sailor Moon is off the air again, I guess..

Like I said in the intro page, I have no fucking idea what's going on right now. Some people are telling me that Sailor Moon is permanently off the air, others are saying that there's some big surprise in store.. I don't really have any fucking idea what's going on, aside from the one thing that I do know: 


Since I don't want to write up anything fancy and not-really-humorous about it until I figure out what the "big surprise" is, I'm going to hold off for a little bit. I just updated to let you know that I am not oblivious to these happenings.

Of course, seeing as it's the SOS that are calling this a "big surprise" it probably means one of the following:

- Yanni is doing a Sailor Moon soundtrack CD

- Cartoon Network permanently canned Sailor Moon, which will cause the SOS to spaz the FUCK out and start sending mail bombs to the Cartoon Network headquarters

- Somebody decided it would be a good idea to do a Sailor Moon movie, so the Cartoon Network is shutting it down to compensate for some reason (I'm not fucking kidding, there were some people thinking about doing a live action Sailor Moon movie)

So yeah, update pending. No matter what those goofshits say, it's guaranteed to be something I can write a dumb unfunny page about.



So, want to hear some more funny shit? There is a link to this site from our sister site, Animaljuice.net. It turns out that link pulls in a lot of users to the site. After we looked up what the exact search queue was, it said something to the extent of "Sailor Moon getting fucked up the ass". There isn't a lot of badly drawn tentacle porn on that site, so I made a Sailor Moon Hentai Page. Our dirty 50 year old men won't be disappointed anymore!

Updates, Updates, Updates!

That's right losers, I updated my page! I've revised and extended every page on the site. I've also added some brand new content, a Music page and a Voice Actors page (and I suppose the Hentai page counts, too)