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The SOS Campaign is what I'd call a bad hobby.  In case you're too frightened to click the link (which you should be) they're basically a group of obsessive Sailor Moon fans that sit around and heckle the program directors at TV stations to try and get them to put Sailor Moon on the air.  Being the complete morons they are, they actually buy all this "everybody wants Sailor Moon" crap and put it on.

Below I have pasted some text from the "we're important" incoherent ramblings of the SOS page, and some clever and informational comments from me follow:

With these letters the SOS will now try to select only 3 places to focus a "Sailor Stars" campaign. Along the way, our Industry Contacts will make some phone calls and "take some meetings" so that you (and we) will not be wasting any time (which has been one of our most important goals)!

I'm currently in the process of finding a strategic zoning area for my "Anti Sailor Moon Pretty Pretty Flower Princess" campaign.  My "secret agents" and "armies of black death" will be making official business contacts and connecting with the CIA (which we have "contacts" to) to ensure that Program Directors at TV stations realize how retarded we are.  We're powerful!  BOO!

And just so you know, there were various reasons for our excluding certain networks from discussion in the story. In brief, here's why:

Action! - Does not pay for any series to be dubbed.
Encore - Does not premiere any new versions of series
(hence, the name of their network).
HBO - Has shown no interest in anime series.
The International Channel - Does not pay for anime to be dubbed
(though could eventually present subtitled version).
MTV - Wants to own all the animation it pays for.
Teletoon Canada - YTV is far more likely to show "Sailor Stars."
TokyoPop - Is not a network nor a company which could afford dubbing.

And here's the REAL reasons they excluded those networks:

Action! - Kicked us out of their office, and laughed at us on the way out of the parking lot.  This was the last time we dressed up as Sailor Moon characters when we went to plea our case.
Encore - Spit on us and beat us up.
HBO - Has shown no interest in US.
The International Channel - Spoke Danish, and threw rakes at us every time we said "Hello"
MTV - Wants to own all the animation it pays for. (MTV kicks itself in the ass without my help)
Teletoon Canada - Can't leave the country, still on probation for smuggling Sailor Moon Dolls into the US without paying a tariff. Also, we threw the harbor master into the water after he wouldn't sign our "Save Our Sailors" signature petition.  So, yeah, that too.
TokyoPop - Got a restraining order on us after we started protesting their lack of anti-Negaverse propaganda outside their parking lot.  One of their actors dressed up for a Halloween special, which we mistakenly identified as the supreme ruler of the negaverse, lord tentacula, and things got ugly.
(That's one of the good things about shows like Sailor Moon, you can just make up bad guys and they usually exist.)