As you'll notice, there is indeed a (mostly) complete site here. All of the page links work and are interconnected, and most of the images are preset. Why, then, list this page as fragmented?

Well, it appears that while we have the entirety of the http://www.angelfire.com/al/AntiSailorMoon/ site, we only have one solitary page from a possible second iteration--or possible additional Polaris ASM page--located at http://www.angelfire.com/al/killmoon/. Why do we only have one page? Apparently, the content at the second location was of such an extreme degree that Angelfire administrators (folks who are known for being pretty lax in their enforcement of decency rules) felt the need to remove said content from the internet. What'a left is a note by Polaris remarking briefly on that removal.

What was this content? According to Seraph Janus' Anti Sailor Moon Page Reviews on 01-17-99:

"Deleted by Angelfire. Polaris was a lot like Chris McDougal. His page was just put up for fan bashing. He said that all Sailor Moon fans were gay and that they raped house pets. Because of his incredibly prejudice nature his site was deleted except for the index page."

Of course, anything Seraph Janus says should be taken with a truckload of salt but in this case, it's the best information we have.


Even though we have a (mostly) complete web site, all that remains of the other site is a single page explaining the situation with the Angelfire admins. This means that there's enough ASM output from Polaris to justify a complete experience for one site, but not a complete experience for the second. Had only the second site existed, this content would have been relegated to an ASM Profile or some other sort of one-off--but as it stands, presenting Polaris's work as a Fragment Page makes the most sense to us.


For the website that remains (mostly) intact, we present the site both as a full experience with interconnected links, and list out the pages on their own for quick access. For the second "deleted" site, we present a still image of the page left behind by Polaris. Both the full site and what remains of the "deleted" site were able to be excavated thanks to the archival efforts of the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine. Any unavailable links and/or images have been disconnected or replaced with placeholders.

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