Hell on TV: The Sailor Moon story

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Well, I looked through the Cartoon Network listings, and noticed that they weren't playing Sailor Moon anymore.  All I can say is: IT'S ABOUT TIME!  Now I get to laugh and say that Sailor Moon really DID get iced.  Ho Ho Ho.

Hey Serena, want some ICE WATER?  Feeling a little COLD?  HAHAHAHA

Sailor Moon is still syndicated, but that doesn't count, because that only puts the show on 10-15 local channels, which is the TV equivalent to jack squat.  My pirate radio station probably gets more of an audience than Sailor Moon does right now.

10-15 is also the number of normal people that enjoy Sailor Moon.  The rest of them are crazy wackos with a bad taste in media and an even worse taste in occupational hobbies.  The SOS Campaign is what I'd call a bad hobby.