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It was a hot, steamy, BORING summer night when I wrote this.  I remembered how I made an anti Sailor Moon page, and when I went to look at it, I realized how lame it was and decided to make another one.  I'll level with you.  The page sucked.  Big time.

Also, I'm hitting an anime con coming up pretty soon, and I wanted to see if any rabid Sailor Moon fans would notice me somehow and kick me out.  I'm hoping to see plenty of grown men dressed up as Sailor Moon at this con, too.  Yes, they do dress up as Sailor Moon characters, I'm not shitting you.  Yes, I will probably go blind from the experience.  I tried to dig for more images, but I started feeling queasy and settled for these two:

We got kicked out of paradise!OH GOD I'M SO LONELY
              (Maybe I SHOULDN'T go to that convention..  Ohhh boy...)

UPDATE: when I was going through one of my favorite sites, I stumbled across another sailor moon dress-up image.  Caption from the site is included below the image:

"I don't know what in the blazing fuck this thing is. I think it might be a space witch. One time I went down to the bakery and asked if they had any upside-down pastries and the staff goon said "yes, we sure do" so I said "WELL YOU SHOULD HAVE BEEN MORE CAREFUL THEN!!" Fucking funniest shit ever. Then I stole a pie. The pie tasted like shit. Don't ever shop there. I forget what the bakery's name was, but if you see it, DON'T SHOP THERE."