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The Official UM Homepage!

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    What We're About

    UM is a group of high school students who operate out of the Academy of Holy´┐ŻAngels, who are known for deviating from the accepted standard which define high school students. Our main characteristic is that we stand out for who we are as people, not because we're the homecoming king/queen, Mr. or Mrs. Popular, or because we look attractive. We stand out because we challenge the popular belief that those who are are somehow superior to the rest of us, simply because of the reasons which were just stated. We believe in the power of academics and hardwork, and that 90% of a schools budget should not go to athletics. Due to our opinions, we are often ostracised from things such as the homecoming court, "cliques" of popular students, or gossip. But, you know what...WE DON'T CARE!!! We are secure with the fact that we are different from other teenagers{namely in the sense that we're more intelligent}, and, as a matter of fact, we embrace it means ostrasizm from popular groups. Our interests include Mug Root Beer, Final Fantasy, Feish{it's a long story. E-mail me for the details} and political disscusions with a SERIOUS lean to the right. If you like what we're about, you can join UM by going back to the main menu and selecting Join UM!. Follow the instructions from there to join us.

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    Our Location

    UM operates primarily out of the Academy of Holy Angels in Richfield, Minnesota. Our members are scattered throughout the Twin Cities metro area and beyond. Not all our members attend Holy Angels though.

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    UM Members and Ranks

    UM's members and ranks are as follows...

    Bob Fish

    Reilly Liebhard


  • Matt Waters
  • Ian Bui
  • Karl Heil

    Ordained Fish

  • Nick Hanson
  • Charlotte Heil
  • Kenny Fruen

    Senior Fish

  • Robert Malmanger
  • Danny Kollmeyer


  • Becky Cashin
  • Megan Conty
  • Lizzy Burke

    Junior Fish

  • Chris Moore

    Guups(Fish for "Baby Fish.")

  • Debbie Cashin
  • Erin Liebhard Back to Main Page

    History of UM

    The origins of UM go back to 1995 when Reilly Liebhart and his friends got together every lunch period to discuss problems in society. When I started going to Holy Angels the next year, we namely talked about political issues and the vices of our fellow teenagers. We called ourselves the Organization of Higher Life Forms, as we considered ourselves superior to our fellow teenagers. The following year, we realized the error of our ways, and dropped the superiority complex, and began recruting studends who wern't quite as academically advanced as the rest of us, and quit treating everyone who wasn't in our group like slime. Our popularity quickly rose, and many more people knew about us. I will update this page further when I get the time. The begining of this school year was a dark day for UM, as we learned that our leader, the Bob Fish, was leaving Holy Angels. As a result now only the Hutts and those on the Knowledge Bowl team maintain contacts with him. That's about it for UM's history. To find out the nitty-gritty details (for those of you who even care) E-Mail The Fish.

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    The Hut Pizza Gazzete

    I deeply apologize, but I haven't recieved the first addition of the Hut Pizza Gazzete from the editor yet, however, I hope to have it soon. Check back often!. Back to Main Page