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04/24/2005 --- Words I Love

04/24/2005 --- Words I Hate

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04/04/2005 --- Raw, Unpolished Crap From My Brain to Your Eyes

03/15/2005 --- An Ode to the Malodors of Online Communication

03/07/2005 --- Sailor Moon is Bad For You

02/27/2005 --- On the Superiority of Digital Watches

12/27/2004 --- University Scholarships Suck

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09/16/2004 --- Amazing Dollar Store Discoveries

09/05/2004 --- Human Cloning: A Solution to World Hunger

09/04/2004 --- Q-Tip Instructions are Stupid

09/03/2004 --- Robin Williams is Not Funny

08/31/2004 --- VISA: Cheap Bastards

08/30/2004 --- Golden Key = Dog Shit

08/25/2004 --- That's Not Art

08/23/2004 --- The Problem With the Olympics

08/20/2004 --- Worst Showerhead in the World


I'm the best movie critic that ever lived 

2001: A Space Odyssey

The Prince of Egypt


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