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Back in October or November of 1999, as the Second Moonie War was raging, Pizza of Hut's website and email address were mysteriously hacked by a then-unknown assailant.

Since Pizza's site wasn't the only casualty (the original incarnation of The Guardian's AOA was likewise destroyed in similar fashion), it was at initially speculated that one of the well-known Moonie psychopaths such as Scott Smith or Gaia Saturna had finally acquired some technical talent. A taunting message left in place of the main index of the sites reinforced this notion, as whomever this mysterious elite Moonie password cracker was seemed to be familiar with the work of "Lucy" (a nickname for lusiphur1, an infamous Moonie flamer of the day) and appeared to be acquainted with his victims. To add insult to injury, this hacker didn't just delete all site pages and files and impersonate Pizza by email. No, like a conquistador planting a flag on some New World beach and claiming the land and all its people in the name of Spain, this hacker was intent on moving into the old web space and using it for his own purposes. Indeed, this Moonie was bold and brash, and believed himself to be quite intelligent. A rare breed.

Too rare, as it turned out.

By the end of November, it was discovered that the assailant wasn't a Moonie at all. In a betrayal of Biblical proportions, the hacker revealed himself to be ASM general Lion Jeter, the former owner, operator, and leader of the NSE (National Sailor Eradication). Jeter retired from the war that previous summer citing "nerves" due to the constant conflict, and though it was unnecessary to do so, Jeter removed the NSE from the web before leaving. His return was unexpected, and turned out to be quite unwelcome. Why did he do it? What prompted his heel turn? The people who knew Jeter are unsure to this day, and he never offered an explanation over the course of the next year as he flamed his former allies' guestbooks.

Despite the destruction of the Anti-Shrine, a revival was planned in the months following the incident when the legedary Kyle Drake reached out to Pizza of Hut and offered a spot on his Slackware box specifically for the new and improved Anti-Shrine. Unfortunarely, all plans for said revival ceased when Drake's Slackware box was fried by a power surge in 2000--and the Anti-Shrine was effectively laid to rest.

Lion Jeter's efforts may have caused the untimely demise of the Anti-Shrine, but this story doesn't have as unhappy an ending as he'd planned. Though the aforementioned failed revival of the Anti-Shrine marked the end of his career as an ASMer, Pizza of Hut still keeps in touch with some of his old war buddies--and though not all of his pages, files, and works could be salvaged, a significant portion of them have been recovered and restored.

In the end, Lion Jeter just wasn't as smart as he thought he was...

...and he probably still isn't.


Sources for this reconstruction include html elements from the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine and from the archives of Ethan Michael Crane and The Guardian. Where files and images could not be retrieved, placeholders indicating such have been provided. Image reproductions of loosely-associated websites of the time have also been provided where relevant, so as to preserve the rough look and flow of the website without detracting from the purpose of the ISM Ring of Power.

A Note About the Layout

The original layout of the Anti-Shrine involved an intricate three-pane design: one frame above, one frame to the left side, and the window with the page itself in the middle. A screenshot illustrating this layout can be found here. Because the frame html was not among the elements able to be retrieved, this page will instead be used as a hub through which the relevant pages are linked below.

A Note About the Anti-Fanfic Archive

The original anti-fanfic page html could not be retrieved, so it is unknown how extensive that library may have been. The works presented here are what remain, though with an oddity: "The Slaying of Sailor Moon" by Madge N. Airy, a work that possibly was never featured publicly on the site, has been included as part of the archive. It was retrieved as a txt file, and an html file has been constructed in the style of the others for the sake of presentation.

A Note About Missing Pages

Though great pains have been taken to present this website in as complete an experience as possible, the "Links" page is currently missing and is thus not included in the listing below. The "Image Gallery," likewise absent from the listing below, presents a different problem in that the html is not missing, but each and every image file is--rendering any attempt to archive the gallery pointless.


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